Saturday, February 23, 2019

Secure your cryptocurrency wallet 🔛 8 simple tips for beginners.

Protecting your criptocurrency wallet should pe a top priority for any crypto holders. Normal one of the safest measure you can take to protect your wallets or investment accounts is to use a separate device designed, for these things. However, many of use do not take this aspect into account wich can put us in a rather risky situation 🔚keep in mind that this is necessary to be solved in time. Pay attention and do your own research or never spend money you can't afford to lose 🔛 protect your money/investments from theft and accidental destruction. The Blockchain world is still new for many on the internet and we should assist people who are trying to find their way. Whatever you do on the inernet it's important to treat this security tips seriously 🔚 Avoid to be scammed!.Be safe.👦

Some tips for protecting your account and cryptocurrency wallet.

1) Check several times your wallet addresses before transferring funds.

There are many people out there who from mistake have sent funds to a wrong wallet address.

   * Ensure that the wallet address is complete and matches exactly - and if you're sending BTC, make sure you are sending to an BTC wallet address.

2) Never use the same password 🔛 Use unique usernames and passwords.

Having the same password everywhere the security of your wallet or of your accounts is compromised.

   * Create a strong and unique passwords by using more characters with upper and lowercase letter, numbers and special characters.

3) Don't store large amounts of cryptocurrency on web wallets or on mobile wallets. Diversifi your risks. Keep your mobile devices and computers secure👍

   * If your phone is lost, hacked or suffers some damage in time, there is the possibility of losing your funds or your accounts. In a mobile wallet, your mobile device stores your private keys and if you lost your phone and not set a pin code for your wallet it can be easy for anybody to use your private keys and steal your crypto. As well if the software or app is experiencing problems and can be cracked, then it can be exploited and your private keys can be extracted. For web wallet is same thing 🔛 if you lose your mobile number or something happens with your email address, then you can lose your money.

4) Don't store crypto-coins on exchanges for long time.

   * If something happened, you can lose every coins. You need a trustworthy cryptocurrency wallet. When you creating an account on any exchange, set up a new email address that you will be using for that action.

5) Keep large amounts of cryptocurrency in cold wallets.

   * The cold wallet is a good way for keeping your crypto. This technology it allow you to keep your funds offline on a hard drives or even paper.

6) Use two-factor-authorization not only for login but for any transaction.

7) Install and keep up to date your antivirus and antimalware solutions.

   * Pay attention while browsing on the internet, clicking on links and email attachments.

8) Encrypt and create backups of your wallets.

   * Keep in a secure place your backup of your crypto wallet. With this you can be able to restore your wallet in case when something happend with your device

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Steemit and WEKU🔛Two Social Platforms🔚New Interesting Competitors to Social Media

Greetings friends!👦 Today in this post i will present and recommend to you two platforms,that act as social media like G+ 🔛 Facebook 🔛 Twitter 🔛Instagram and many more.As you can see from the title what i will present will be about🔚Steemit and Weku.
While most social media websites extract value from their userbase for the benefit of shareholders,Steemit and Weku believes that the users who ușe the platform should receive the benefits and rewards for their attention and the contributions that they make to the platform.That means for every unique post,comment and vote on content on this platforms you can be paid for this.In each platform you will find two types of cryptocurrencies.Steemit has Steem and Steem dollar (SBD) and  Weku has WeKu and WeKu dollar (WKD).If you want to sign up in Steemit,you have to be patient and wait a few day after completing your application because each record is verified but,in this moment is no time waiting verification in Weku and your account can be created instantly.If you are interested to join Weku then clici the banner below.This is my referral link


Weku has referral system that Steemit has not and everyone can earn some extra rewards by joining the referral program.The Weku team will give you a reward if anyone join from your referral link
Check the links to learn more about this platforms
Weku  and  Steemit

Pay attention and keep in mind thoose accounts can not be deactivated or deleted.Every account along with all of its acrivity is permanently stored in blockchain and each account come with a master password🔚the master password is used to derive all keys for your account,including the owner key.If you lost your password there is no way to recover your account🔛Save your master password and keep it safe where you will not lose it.
That is very important because your account has a real value.Take all safety precautions before proceeding🔚make an offline copy of your password somewhere safe.Take care of your precious time.Thanks for your visit! Cheers

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Kryptonia🔛Community Website is a SuperiorCoins community website where,it allows you to earn coins by completing tasks for the others users in the community.If you already know about kryptonia and are you looking for a link to join ,here is my link

Here you can make or set up task for others people to complete.If you do the task,you get paid in Superior Coin(SUP).You can cash out the coins or you can use them to set up your own tasks for people to complete.So far,i am only setting up tasks and i see a good boost in my social posts and interactions.Superior coin is a private,secure and scalable currency unlike many cryptocurrency.

Based on the CryptoNote protocol Superior Coin,possesses significant algoritmic differences relating to blockchain.If you want to learn more about this coin please check this link
I will continue to write about Kryptonia especially about Kryptonya tasks.This tasks can be anything and for examples

* liking or share a facebook page
* registering for a crypto coin drop(airdrop)
* tweeting a blog page to your followers
* commenting on your website or YouTube video
* and so on the list can continue

Pat attention! like,anywhere on the entire world of the internet,some scammers are in Kryptonia🔛fortunately here is easy to find these people

If you want to get started with Kryptonia to earn some Superior Coin please use my referral link to sign up.After you done this, you get your own link to share.At the begining your account  start with 100 SUP coins

* set up your username and password🔚you get points for this action
* set up your profile
* set up your first task🔚and you sill see how it work
* link your social media accounts🔚will you get 100 SUP coins for each linked account

Keep in mind and be calm after 14 day your SUP coins from Kryptonia tasks what you finish,will start becoming available in your account and you can set up tasks daily.
Try this link  if you want to be a part of Kryptonia community and if you need help let me a comment in this page and i will try to help.Thanks for your visit and take care of your valuable time🔚Cheers👍

Universal Basic Income🔛Mannabase🔚Free UBI coin every week

Mannabase is an online platform for the world's first Universal Basic income cryprocurrency.Manna coin is distributed by the people's currency foundation as a basic human right that everyoane in the world is eligibile to receive, for free.Click bere to join

Registration is totally free and you can receive manna coins for free and joim the welfare revolution.Manna is distributed every week and they distribute 3,5% of the money supply.This is a way so they can flood the market with Manna coins.

The amount each users receives is based on the numbers of verified recepients and the curent circulating supply. If you don't have an account yet you can sign up here🔛Mannabase 
Based on the similar technology as Bitcoin,sending Manna to the other users around the world is quickly and easy.Fee are extremely low,only a fracționa of $ cent and most transactions are confirmed in 1 to 2 minutes.
For more info about technology,wallet,mining instructions and many more about Mannabase check this link

Saturday, October 13, 2018

FaucetHub🔛Bitcoin Micropayment Service

Founded by Mexicantarget,FaucetHub is more than a micropayment platform.With advanced security and multi-currency payments FaucetHub,allows users to create their own faucets,without any investment from their end.

There are free and premium faucet lists where users can find the best paying bitcoin sites.You can win lots of satoshi from lottery and bitcoins by playing simple rock paper scissors game.If you are a faucets owner,you can top up your faucets from these.Here you can do ptc,surveys,offers and get bitcoin into your account and deposit directly in your faucet with 0 fee of charge or withdraw in your wallet account.
earn bitcoin from offerwalls
Separate your user account from your faucet website owner account with multiple dashboard and website faucet owners dedicated chat room and integrate your website or app in minutes with fully functional API.
Check your balance,operate your faucet website wallet,view stats and chat with users on their mobile friendly website.
Multi-currency payments:send and receive in Bitcoin and popular altcoins-instantly receive payments as a user.Here you can win and use:Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dogecoin,Blackcoin,Dash,Peercoin,Primecoin,.and even free monero and more cryptocurrencies
If you want to try this FaucetHub platform check the banner link from the next line.Thanks!.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

CoinPot new🔛CoinPot Tokens and feature lottery

CoinPot released today a new type of asset called🔛CoinPot Tokens.This new feature give you the oppurtunity to earn🔜 mine and win in a new way,alongside of their existing coins:Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,Dogecoin,Litecoin and Dash.
For each faucet claim presented in this microwallet you will earn 3 CoinPot Tokens,and for each claim made by any of  your referrals you will earn 1 CoinPot Tokens.This asset behaved like a criptocurrency in this microwallet,this means you can use mining features to earn tokens,or you can use conversion system,to convert from your other coins to CoinPot Tokens🔛the exchange rate will fluctuate similar to how it does with the other coins.Another feature implemented today is lottery system,where you can win more CoinPot Tokens every hour.The prizes given out each hour includes all the tokens used to but tickets plus an extra 1000 tokens donated by CoinPot each round.Each ticket cost 1 token and you can buy as many tickets each round.
Winners and runners are drawn randlomy.There is 1 winner who receives 50% of the total prize fund and 5 runners up who each receive 10% of the total prize fund.In this moment CoinPot team working to ad for users more ways to use this tokens asset in the future,including being able to exchange them for gift cards and more games like the lottery.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bleutrade-Cryptocurrency exchange

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency exhange-The most secure,fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange 
If you are curious about trading cryptocurrency then Bleutrade,is a good place to start.Very easy to use, with auto sell capabilities,trade in real time,SSL secure conection,fast support,two-factor authenticator(Google Authenticator),possibility of direct  transfer between users and many more.

Registered in Recife,Brazil since 2014,Bleutrade is a straightforward cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading accross a diverse selecțion of pairs.At Bleutrade you transact with cryptocurrency along with thousands of people around the world with convenience,privacy and total security.
Bleutrade has API Support,letting users create robot and automate their trading strategies.You can learn more about Bleutrade's API Support,including PHP references,at their API Support page.In this moment Bleutrade Support 46 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin,Ether,Litecoin,Dogecoin,Bitcoin Cash,and lot of other crypto and obscure tokens).However,the platform not support fiat currencies and the cryptocurrencies can be only traded for each others.Pay attention at fee and deadlines.

Thanks for people who choose to be my referral in programs presented in this website/blog.Thank you for reading and for the useful and interesting coments in previous posts.If you know others exchange platforms or crypto-faucets,leave a comment with your descripțion and referral link.All the best and good luck in the hunt of cryptocurrencies.

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