Thursday, May 9, 2019

Good rumors in the online environment - Samsung and his Blockchain technology

According to some websites that brings news from Blockchain world, it seemed like South Korean tech giant Samsung is creating its own blockchain network and may be planning to issue its own crypto token. At this moment Samsung not confirmed this rumor officially. You can find more information by clicking on the below link Cointelegraph
In March, Samsung launched his new mobile phone Galaxy S10. The smartphone supports a number of DApps as well as featuring a Samsung crypto wallet supporting BTC, Ether and ERC20 tokens. This information is just a rumors and it's nothing official at the moment. What is known right now that are companies who make tests and want to implement Blockchain technology in their business model. Let's hope 👦 Samsung has same plans and these, rumors are as real as that.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Binance lost approximate 41 million of dollars in Bitcoin

The Binance company, which owns one of the world's largest crypto-exchange platforms, has been robbed by hackers. Company said on tuesday the hackers stolen over 7,000 bitcoin by using a variety of attack methods.
Hacking photo
According to Chief Executive of Binance, Zhao Changpeng user funds will not be affected because the company will use the secured asset pool to cover the loss, write techcrunch. Hackers managed also to get some user information such two-factor authentification codes, which are required to login in to Binance account. Following the news of this cyber attack, bitcoin price has fallen with 4,2% in Asia. At this moment deposits and withdrawals on Binance platform will remain suspended but trading will be allowed,these will can take up to a week.Zhao wrote on Twitter that other crypto-exchanges, including Coinbase, blocked deposits from wallets addresses what are related to this attack.

According to some specialists, approximately 58% of last year's thefts occurred on crypto-exchanges stock in Japan and South Korea. However, Binance promise it will cover the losses an all users funds will not be affected and Zhao Changpeng is ready to hold a meeting in next few hours.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Apple Smartwatch With Bitcoin Lightning Payments

Bluewallet image

One of the more popular lightning network wallets, Bluewallet has launched an application that allows Apple Smartwatch holders to receive Bitcoin lightning payments on their device. The App can be downloaded from iTunes and works with a few touchscreens. The Lightning network allows faster paymets on the top of a Blockchain cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with lower fees. Specifically, the Smartwatch can generate a QR-code that can be scanned for transmission of a lightning payment.

Many of smartwatch like Apple Watch are used to track health and view notifications without removing the phone and from this point, Bluewallet tests to see if users might want to use them for bitcoin payments as well.
Sometimes the convenience of just receiving money with two taps from your wrist can be a relevant user experience, especially when traveling or if you need to be fast - explained engineer product, Nuno Coelho.
Bluewallet image

At the moment,Bluewallet is developed by a team of three developers and is currently working on the other features to expand the wallet.
We would also like to move from being a third party service, minimizing trust. That's our most important goal at the moment - said Nuno Coelho.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Dlike - Decentralized application - Dlike Tokens

Do you like to be rewarding for sharing photos, video, articles, news...this website is just for you Dlike
To be able to use this website, everything you need is an account on the Steemit Blockchain platform.

* What is Dlike?
Dlike is a blockchain bassed app build on the steem blockchain wich offers sharing of content on the blockchain and reward contributors in the form of Steem cryptocurrency and Dlike Tokens.

* What is Dlike Token?
Dlike token is a utility token that you can hold or consume within the platform. You can earn Dlike token by promoting Dlike on different social media, sharing uselful link regularly or by delegating Steem Power (SP) from your Steemit account to @dlike. For every one Steem Power you delegate to @dlike, you get every day 1 Dlike Token. If you delegate 100 SP you get 100 Dlike Tokens (1:1). Dlike Tokens are paid weekly into users Dlike wallet.
Dlike Tokens
Dlike will be listed on exchanges by end of May or mid June and all the tokens which you hold will have a good value. If you interested to join on Dlike and to learn more things, try this link Dlike official website
Share what you like and get rewarded if community likes. Take care of your valuable time 🔚Cheers👦

All you need to know about ICO. What is ICO? How to be prepare for the launch of your own coins.


ICO means the Initial Coin Offering and is a way to make crowdfunding with cryptocurrency. Start-ups use it to finance their business, but it is based on the fact that the start-up in time will grow. ICO is a way to provide a token digital coin. Although ICO is a very new strategy for fundraising, they already have a huge impact. In just over a year this type of business have grown over a billion of dollars, and they popularity continues to grow. Whether it's a normal ICO, an Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) or a Security Token Offering (STO), the launch steps are roughly the same.

For the most part, the success of a blockchain crypto project depends on observing complicated steps that require significant efforts. Those interested in launching a crypto project must take into account the fact that money, time and effort is needed. ICO generally provides a way for startups to avoid certain costs and regulations, as well as intermediaries such as banks, investment fund or stock exchanges, but presents an increased risk for investors. ICOs may fall outside the existing regulations, and depending on the nature of the project, they may even be banned in some countries such as China or South Korea.

Every Start-up who make ICO, generate money by creating and selling their own digital coin, called token.
This tokens are similar in appearance and features to famous digital coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Those who raise funds at an ICO promise token holders access to an online service or an online application platform. Investors usually by new coins or tokens by sending Bitcoin or Ether sustaining the project.


ICOs typically take place on the Ethereum network, wich is the largest blockchain and the largest ICO platform. The software behind Ethereum and Bitcoin is open source, that means the source code is freely available for anyone to modify and create their own digital coin using the Ethereum Smart Contract.
Attention- ICO projects are currently the most regulated aspect of the crypto market and are in the attention of the authorities due to numerous fraudulent projects. Before you begin, determine how many tokens you will issue and how they will be distributed. Depending on this plan, choose the platform you will issue. Creating the token itself is a rlatively easy process, especially to Ethereum blockchain ( ERC20 ). Developing a blockchain is much more complicated and may require hiring a good specialist. Before you begin, you must create a whitepaper. The Whitepaper is a technical document that describes the whole project in all possible detail: market analysis, your vision of the project, development strategy, architecture and goals, informațion about the token and its distributions, legal issues, available resources, a descriprion of your team, and the list can continue. Another important aspect for the future of your project is it to create a presentation website. In your website project you must include team member biographies and in a FAQ section explain issue of interest to investors. Try to avoid countdowns or exaggerated statements that knock on your eyes. A good recommendation is to check the red flags lists of regulatory authorities that can characterize your project as a scam. You do not want the presentation site to include such aspects. Also make sure the site is resistant to attacks or intense traffic. There have been cases where ICO websites have been victims of attacks that have replaced wallet addresses and have caused losing funds.

Pay attention your project website must contain:

- your ICO description and possibly a video presentation
- your product description and eventual link to the prototype
- roadmap: what, when and how you will do
- partners, counselors, early investors and a registeation form
- photos, short biographies, links to social networks about your team members
- contact information and social project account link to the project
- links to articles and publications, video presentations and discussions
- documents, terms and conditions, whitepaper, legal issues

In online environment there are many ICO projects where you can invest. According to experts, the crypto market is still characterized by a huge volatility. Pay attention and think carefully before investing in a ICO project. It is usually not so easy to establish the viability of business and technology. Take care and never invest more money than you can't afford to lose.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Partiko App - The easiest way to earn Steem and crypto


 I'm using Partiko to make friends and have fun on the Steemit blockchain. Partiko is officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steemit social media. You should as well and you will get 3000 Partiko points for sign up bonus,and you can exchange them into Steem token. With this app you can publish your blog content on the Steemit and earn Steem/SBD by collecting upvotes. This mobile app is easy to use. Partiko App
The user interface is simple and elegant. When you log into Partiko every day,you receive points. Comenting,posting,resteeming and voting are all actions that Partiko gives you points. These points can be exchanges for upvotes, which results in your earning crypto.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Secure your cryptocurrency wallet - 8 simple tips for beginners.

Protecting your criptocurrency wallet should pe a top priority for any crypto holders. Normal one of the safest measure you can take to protect your wallets or investment accounts is to use a separate device designed, for these things. However, many of use do not take this aspect into account wich can put us in a rather risky situation 🔚keep in mind that this is necessary to be solved in time. Pay attention and do your own research or never spend money you can't afford to lose 🔛 protect your money/investments from theft and accidental destruction. The Blockchain world is still new for many on the internet and we should assist people who are trying to find their way. Whatever you do on the inernet it's important to treat this security tips seriously 🔚 Avoid to be scammed!.Be safe.👦

Some tips for protecting your account and cryptocurrency wallet.

1) Check several times your wallet addresses before transferring funds.

There are many people out there who from mistake have sent funds to a wrong wallet address.

   * Ensure that the wallet address is complete and matches exactly - and if you're sending BTC, make sure you are sending to an BTC wallet address.

2) Never use the same password 🔛 Use unique usernames and passwords.

Having the same password everywhere the security of your wallet or of your accounts is compromised.

   * Create a strong and unique passwords by using more characters with upper and lowercase letter, numbers and special characters.

3) Don't store large amounts of cryptocurrency on web wallets or on mobile wallets. Diversifi your risks. Keep your mobile devices and computers secure👍

   * If your phone is lost, hacked or suffers some damage in time, there is the possibility of losing your funds or your accounts. In a mobile wallet, your mobile device stores your private keys and if you lost your phone and not set a pin code for your wallet it can be easy for anybody to use your private keys and steal your crypto. As well if the software or app is experiencing problems and can be cracked, then it can be exploited and your private keys can be extracted. For web wallet is same thing 🔛 if you lose your mobile number or something happens with your email address, then you can lose your money.

4) Don't store crypto-coins on exchanges for long time.

   * If something happened, you can lose every coins. You need a trustworthy cryptocurrency wallet. When you creating an account on any exchange, set up a new email address that you will be using for that action.

5) Keep large amounts of cryptocurrency in cold wallets.

   * The cold wallet is a good way for keeping your crypto. This technology it allow you to keep your funds offline on a hard drives or even paper.

6) Use two-factor-authorization not only for login but for any transaction.

7) Install and keep up to date your antivirus and antimalware solutions.

   * Pay attention while browsing on the internet, clicking on links and email attachments.

8) Encrypt and create backups of your wallets.

   * Keep in a secure place your backup of your crypto wallet. With this you can be able to restore your wallet in case when something happend with your device

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