CoinPot-microwallet faucet

CoinPot is a brand new cryptocurrency microwallet,designed to collect and combine faucet payouts and earning from a number of different faucets.Withdrawal options include:Faucet Hub(learn more about Faucet Hub-micropayment platform),direct to your wallet via the blockchain,Faucet System and XAPO.
 coinpot microwallet
Combine earning from multiple faucets,so you can reach quick withdrawal threshold.
Extra security for your fund(optional 2FA).
Supports multiple currencies:bitcoin,dogecoin and litecoin(maybe more in the future).
XAPO,Faucet Hub,Faucet System or direct withdrawal options to your wallet.
Important to note that for security of your funds(bitcoin only for now),you need to link your wallet addresses Moon faucets to you CoinPot account,so the earnings are consolidated there and you benefit from the new features listed above.To do this you need to prove that you are the owner of the wallet address.This can be done by either signing a message,or sending a small deposit

What is message signing?
Message signing is a way you can prove your control a particular address and demonstrate you have ownership of the funds.
To sign a message,go to Settings Addresses and choose which address you want to sign and click More Options>Sign Message.
A small window will display allowing you to provide a unique message or signature that indentifies you as the owner.

Withdrawal request from Coinpot platform are processed and paid directly to your wallet within 48 hours.Minimum withdrawal is 0.0001btc and withdrawal request must be confirmed by clicking on the link from your email.


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  1. Cripto currency, is going to be future currency. The paper currency will be wiped out. This was very informative and valuable. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Coin pot also has Bitcoin cash. Is there a faucet for bitcoin cash?

    1. Welcome Valerie!😇 At this point Coinpot don't have faucet for BCH but,you can exchange your earnings in BCH from dashboard.

  3. Yes, coinpot have included BCH faucet recently. You can follow this link

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