Kryptonia - Community Website is a SuperiorCoins community website where,it allows you to earn coins by completing tasks for the others users in the community.If you already know about kryptonia and are you looking for a link to join ,here is my link

Here you can make or set up task for others people to complete.If you do the task,you get paid in Superior Coin(SUP).You can cash out the coins or you can use them to set up your own tasks for people to complete.So far,i am only setting up tasks and i see a good boost in my social posts and interactions.Superior coin is a private,secure and scalable currency unlike many cryptocurrency.

Based on the CryptoNote protocol Superior Coin,possesses significant algoritmic differences relating to blockchain.If you want to learn more about this coin please check this link
I will continue to write about Kryptonia especially about Kryptonya tasks.This tasks can be anything and for examples

* liking or share a facebook page
* registering for a crypto coin drop(airdrop)
* tweeting a blog page to your followers
* commenting on your website or YouTube video
* and so on the list can continue

Pat attention! like,anywhere on the entire world of the internet,some scammers are in Kryptonia­čöŤfortunately here is easy to find these people

If you want to get started with Kryptonia to earn some Superior Coin please use my referral link to sign up.After you done this, you get your own link to share.At the begining your account  start with 100 SUP coins

* set up your username and password­čöÜyou get points for this action
* set up your profile
* set up your first task­čöÜand you sill see how it work
* link your social media accounts­čöÜwill you get 100 SUP coins for each linked account

Keep in mind and be calm after 14 day your SUP coins from Kryptonia tasks what you finish,will start becoming available in your account and you can set up tasks daily.
Try this link  if you want to be a part of Kryptonia community and if you need help let me a comment in this page and i will try to help.Thanks for your visit and take care of your valuable time­čöÜCheers­čĹŹ