Steemit and WEKU - Two Social Platforms - New Interesting Competitors to Social Media

Greetings friends!👦 Today in this post i will present and recommend to you two platforms,that act as social media like G+ 🔛 Facebook 🔛 Twitter 🔛Instagram and many more.As you can see from the title what i will present will be about🔚Steemit and Weku.
While most social media websites extract value from their userbase for the benefit of shareholders,Steemit and Weku believes that the users who ușe the platform should receive the benefits and rewards for their attention and the contributions that they make to the platform.That means for every unique post,comment and vote on content on this platforms you can be paid for this.In each platform you will find two types of cryptocurrencies.Steemit has Steem and Steem dollar (SBD) and  Weku has WeKu and WeKu dollar (WKD).If you want to sign up in Steemit,you have to be patient and wait a few day after completing your application because each record is verified but,in this moment is no time waiting verification in Weku and your account can be created instantly.If you are interested to join Weku then clici the banner below.This is my referral link


Weku has referral system that Steemit has not and everyone can earn some extra rewards by joining the referral program.The Weku team will give you a reward if anyone join from your referral link
Check the links to learn more about this platforms
Weku  and  Steemit

Pay attention and keep in mind thoose accounts can not be deactivated or deleted.Every account along with all of its acrivity is permanently stored in blockchain and each account come with a master password🔚the master password is used to derive all keys for your account,including the owner key.If you lost your password there is no way to recover your account🔛Save your master password and keep it safe where you will not lose it.
That is very important because your account has a real value.Take all safety precautions before proceeding🔚make an offline copy of your password somewhere safe.Take care of your precious time.Thanks for your visit! Cheers