Secure your cryptocurrency wallet - 8 simple tips for beginners.

Protecting your criptocurrency wallet should pe a top priority for any crypto holders. Normal one of the safest measure you can take to protect your wallets or investment accounts is to use a separate device designed, for these things. However, many of use do not take this aspect into account wich can put us in a rather risky situation ๐Ÿ”škeep in mind that this is necessary to be solved in time. Pay attention and do your own research or never spend money you can't afford to lose ๐Ÿ”› protect your money/investments from theft and accidental destruction. The Blockchain world is still new for many on the internet and we should assist people who are trying to find their way. Whatever you do on the inernet it's important to treat this security tips seriously ๐Ÿ”š Avoid to be scammed!.Be safe.๐Ÿ‘ฆ

Some tips for protecting your account and cryptocurrency wallet.

1) Check several times your wallet addresses before transferring funds.

There are many people out there who from mistake have sent funds to a wrong wallet address.

   * Ensure that the wallet address is complete and matches exactly - and if you're sending BTC, make sure you are sending to an BTC wallet address.

2) Never use the same password ๐Ÿ”› Use unique usernames and passwords.

Having the same password everywhere the security of your wallet or of your accounts is compromised.

   * Create a strong and unique passwords by using more characters with upper and lowercase letter, numbers and special characters.

3) Don't store large amounts of cryptocurrency on web wallets or on mobile wallets. Diversifi your risks. Keep your mobile devices and computers secure๐Ÿ‘

   * If your phone is lost, hacked or suffers some damage in time, there is the possibility of losing your funds or your accounts. In a mobile wallet, your mobile device stores your private keys and if you lost your phone and not set a pin code for your wallet it can be easy for anybody to use your private keys and steal your crypto. As well if the software or app is experiencing problems and can be cracked, then it can be exploited and your private keys can be extracted. For web wallet is same thing ๐Ÿ”› if you lose your mobile number or something happens with your email address, then you can lose your money.

4) Don't store crypto-coins on exchanges for long time.

   * If something happened, you can lose every coins. You need a trustworthy cryptocurrency wallet. When you creating an account on any exchange, set up a new email address that you will be using for that action.

5) Keep large amounts of cryptocurrency in cold wallets.

   * The cold wallet is a good way for keeping your crypto. This technology it allow you to keep your funds offline on a hard drives or even paper.

6) Use two-factor-authorization not only for login but for any transaction.

7) Install and keep up to date your antivirus and antimalware solutions.

   * Pay attention while browsing on the internet, clicking on links and email attachments.

8) Encrypt and create backups of your wallets.

   * Keep in a secure place your backup of your crypto wallet. With this you can be able to restore your wallet in case when something happend with your device