Apple Smartwatch With Bitcoin Lightning Payments

Bluewallet image

One of the more popular lightning network wallets, Bluewallet has launched an application that allows Apple Smartwatch holders to receive Bitcoin lightning payments on their device. The App can be downloaded from iTunes and works with a few touchscreens. The Lightning network allows faster paymets on the top of a Blockchain cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with lower fees. Specifically, the Smartwatch can generate a QR-code that can be scanned for transmission of a lightning payment.

Many of smartwatch like Apple Watch are used to track health and view notifications without removing the phone and from this point, Bluewallet tests to see if users might want to use them for bitcoin payments as well.
Sometimes the convenience of just receiving money with two taps from your wrist can be a relevant user experience, especially when traveling or if you need to be fast - explained engineer product, Nuno Coelho.
Bluewallet image

At the moment,Bluewallet is developed by a team of three developers and is currently working on the other features to expand the wallet.
We would also like to move from being a third party service, minimizing trust. That's our most important goal at the moment - said Nuno Coelho.