Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Binance lost approximate 41 million of dollars in Bitcoin

The Binance company, which owns one of the world's largest crypto-exchange platforms, has been robbed by hackers. Company said on tuesday the hackers stolen over 7,000 bitcoin by using a variety of attack methods.
Hacking photo
According to Chief Executive of Binance, Zhao Changpeng user funds will not be affected because the company will use the secured asset pool to cover the loss, write techcrunch. Hackers managed also to get some user information such two-factor authentification codes, which are required to login in to Binance account. Following the news of this cyber attack, bitcoin price has fallen with 4,2% in Asia. At this moment deposits and withdrawals on Binance platform will remain suspended but trading will be allowed,these will can take up to a week.Zhao wrote on Twitter that other crypto-exchanges, including Coinbase, blocked deposits from wallets addresses what are related to this attack.

According to some specialists, approximately 58% of last year's thefts occurred on crypto-exchanges stock in Japan and South Korea. However, Binance promise it will cover the losses an all users funds will not be affected and Zhao Changpeng is ready to hold a meeting in next few hours.

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