Dlike - Decentralized application - Dlike Tokens

Do you like to be rewarding for sharing photos, video, articles, news...this website is just for you Dlike
To be able to use this website, everything you need is an account on the Steemit Blockchain platform.

* What is Dlike?
Dlike is a blockchain bassed app build on the steem blockchain wich offers sharing of content on the blockchain and reward contributors in the form of Steem cryptocurrency and Dlike Tokens.

* What is Dlike Token?
Dlike token is a utility token that you can hold or consume within the platform. You can earn Dlike token by promoting Dlike on different social media, sharing uselful link regularly or by delegating Steem Power (SP) from your Steemit account to @dlike. For every one Steem Power you delegate to @dlike, you get every day 1 Dlike Token. If you delegate 100 SP you get 100 Dlike Tokens (1:1). Dlike Tokens are paid weekly into users Dlike wallet.
Dlike Tokens
Dlike will be listed on exchanges by end of May or mid June and all the tokens which you hold will have a good value. If you interested to join on Dlike and to learn more things, try this link Dlike official website
Share what you like and get rewarded if community likes. Take care of your valuable time 🔚Cheers👦